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About Us

Deck builders building a pergola

Decking Wollongong is a trusted brand for your deck needs in Wollongong and its surroundings. We are located in Wollongong, NSW, and serve Wollongong and the surrounding areas. We create custom-designed decks that meet your needs, and we use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your deck is built safely.


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    Our Services

    At Decking Wollongong, our expert professionals use different materials to build our decks, such as wood, pool decking and composite decking materials. We have a large range of colours and designs to choose from, so we can match your home exterior perfectly. Whatever your needs, we can custom build a deck for you that exceeds your expectations and fits within your budget. For more information or to receive your free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! At Decking Wollongong, we build different types of decks such as Timber Decks, Verandah Decks, Pergolas, Patios, Composite decks, Pool decks, etc.

    A decked pool by our deck builders

    What value does a deck add to your home?

    Most people think that installing any deck in your home is going to add value. This is a misconception because your deck will only add the value of whatever it cost you to build it. If you spend $5000 on a small timber deck, don’t expect your house to suddenly be valued at $10 000 simply because there’s a deck in your backyard.
    Although decks do not increase the value of your home, they can add a lot of other value to it. The main benefit of a deck for a family is that it’s a nice place to relax and entertain friends. Having a balcony means you have some outdoor space, which adds immensely to the comfort level in your house. If you live in an apartment or townhouse where the only outdoor area is a small courtyard or balcony, a deck can make for some very cramped living. So when looking at decks, think of it as an addition to your home that will add value in terms of comfort and lifestyle.
    A backyard without a deck may seem less inviting than one with a deck.

    Painting of a timber deck

    How much does it cost to put up a deck?

    Our team at Decking Wollongong will provide you with a detailed quote outlining all aspects of the project to ensure no hidden costs before starting work. The cost of your deck will depend on the type of materials you choose (for example, hardwood or softwood), and whether the deck is designed to be below, level with or above ground. The type of deck will also make the prices to vary. Our team of professional builders will ensure your new deck meets Australian Standards.

    Why Choose us to build your deck?

    At Decking Wollongong, we pride ourselves on providing a customised decking experience for all of our customers. We focus on your project and will lay out an individual plan catered to your specific needs. We know that every job we undertake is different, and we adapt our service to suit your project, which will see you receive a detailed quote outlining the exact size of deck you would like. We can install just one deck or an entire decking system throughout your home. We’ll take care of the assembly, installation and other work required for the project, including any electrical components you may want to be included in your deck. If you’re looking for a team of dedicated and professional decking installers with a proven track record for exceptional workmanship, look no further than Decking Wollongong! Our expert builders use high-quality materials to produce an impressive range of products that suits any architectural design or budget.


      Decking Wollongong Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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