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Deck Builders Shellharbour

At Deck Builders Shellharbour, we have been in business for many years and offers decking services and repairs. We offer services to both domestic and commercial clients in Shellharbour and surrounding areas. We are a trusted brand when it comes to the installation of decks, railings and outdoor areas around Shellharbour. We ensure that all installations are to the highest standards and exceed our client’s expectations. Professionalism is key in our industry and we believe that the best way to succeed is by achieving customer satisfaction on every project.

At Deck Builders Shellharbour, we offer good quality materials at good prices, with expert advice on designs and colour schemes for your decking project. We specialize in timber decking, composite decking, outdoor entertaining areas, poolside surrounds and outdoor furniture. Our team of professionals deliver excellence in every aspect of decking from design through to construction, deck maintenance plans and more.


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    Our Deck Builders Shellharbour Services

    The best Deck Builders Shellharbour

    Deck Builders Shellharbour

    Deck Builders Shellharbour is the leading provider of Decks in Wollongong.

    At Deck Builders Shellharbour, we offer a wide range of outdoor services, including timber decking, composite decking, pergolas, patios, verandahs, et cetera. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry with a fantastic track record, so you can be confident that you are dealing with the best when choosing us.

    Composite decks being installed

    Composite Decking

    Composite decking, also known as ‘wood-plastic composite’ or WPC, is an environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional timber decking. It combines the natural beauty of real wood with the durability & low maintenance of plastic. Composite decking has recently become very popular around Australia for many reasons, including its low maintenance and durability realistic look. Composite decking is usually made up of 53% recycled wood fibres and plastic (usually HPDE) then has a UV resistant coating to help protect the material from the elements.
    At Deck Builders Shellharbour, we make sure all our composite decking is cared for using the highest quality products available, so you can be sure your composite deck will stay looking great for years & years to come.

    Timber decks being installed

    Timber Decking

    Timber decking has been around for as long as we can remember, and we do often see that people take it much more for granted than other materials. You would choose timber decking over any other material because it can be designed to look like any wooden material (i.e.: treated pine). Timber decking is a popular choice as it provides a natural look, can be easily laid and is relatively inexpensive. However, one of the biggest drawbacks is that timber decks require regular maintenance to keep them looking great for years & years to come. The timber used in the construction of decks is sourced from sustainable forests. This means that you can enjoy your deck guilt-free as you’ll know that this environmentally friendly material is fully recyclable and can be reused to create new decks or other products such as furniture.
    At Deck builders Shellharbour we make sure that we use only the finest quality materials to ensure your deck will be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time sturdy enough.

    an open verandah


    Verandahs are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and increase the value of your home, but they are an often overlooked addition to homes. A verandah can be added at any time in the life of your home. Whether you are purchasing a new home or adding it to an existing one, there is always room for this great outdoor living space. Many different styles and designs are available, from simple boxed off areas with steps to more intricate designs incorporating plant pots and ceiling fans or even a sunken lounge area. Traditional wooden verandahs are the most common type of verandah but can often be left exposed to harsh weather conditions. Nowadays, there are verandahs that are made out of aluminium, which is just as durable and almost maintenance-free.
    Deck Builders Shellharbour ensures that your verandah is made from top-quality materials and hard-wearing timbers.

    A beautiful patio with a shade


    A patio is a slab of stone, brick, or concrete placed on the ground around a house. It is designed to host outdoor furniture and dining, provide protection from dampness, and often create an area of privacy. Patios can be decorated with flowers and exciting plants, creating a lovely garden feature. They can also be enclosed with fences or hedges to create their own private outdoor rooms.
    A patio is a perfect outdoor area for entertaining your family and friends. Whether it be for a cup of coffee in the morning next to beautiful plants, enjoying an iced cold drink in the afternoon sun with some dips on the pool or throwing a big barbecue party for all your loved ones. Patios are truly versatile spaces that can change according to your specific preferences.
    Patios are mostly built at the back of the house, but they can also be incorporated in front yards, side yards and alleys. Modern patios are usually made with paving stones, bricks or even tiles, although wood is still used to build patios with verandahs or pergolas.

    A wooden deck around a pool

    Pool decking

    Pool Decking is an integral part of the pool, which gives a beautiful look to your swimming pool. Decking at the pool area is mainly used for walking and standing or sitting purposes. Pool Decking comes in various shapes and sizes according to your requirement. You can select an appropriate shape or design that suits your taste. Pool decks are made from materials that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Pool Decking is made of different materials like concrete, metal, timber, glass and stones. The timber used for pool decking is usually treated with a UV-resistant coating to ensure that it will not be affected by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Pool decking tiles are made from high-quality PVC for long-lasting durability and resistance to cracking, breaking, warping or melting.

    Deck Builders Shellharbour has expert professionals who are well trained to install the decking. It is essential to hire an outdoor deck builder for a pool decking project, as they can offer the best services by planning and designing the deck in a way that requires lesser maintenance after installation.

    A pergola that is attached to a house


    A pergola is a landscaping feature that can be a great addition to any home. It is a structure that sits on posts and has an open design, so it does not have walls. A pergola can be used for sitting, growing vines, climbing flowers and plants, and shading. Building a pergola to your backyard landscape will enhance the look of the home. Pergolas are made from materials such as wood, metal and steel. A pergola can be made to match your home’s exterior design, or it can be custom-built for the landscape.
    At Deck Builders Shellharbour, we ensure that we use the best materials for your patio decking. We use top-quality Australian-made aluminium profiles for our pergolas, which are certainly the finest you can find in Shellharbour.


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