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Flagstaff Point Lighthouse (Wollongong Head)

About Flagstaff Point Lighthouse (Wollongong Head)

Wollongong Head Lighthouse, also known as Flagstaff Point or simply ‘the lighthouse’, is an iconic landmark that overlooks the Tasman Sea from its perch atop one of Australia’s most treacherous points- located directly east of downtown city centre.

The Wollongong Head Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located on top of Flagstaff Point, overlooking the Tasman Sea and directly eastward from downtown Sydney. This allows for it to be one-of-a-kind in Australia, with its proximity not just being another tower but instead paired up together as well!

The Wollongong Harbour Breakwater lighthouse is a popular spot for visitors to take pictures and enjoy the view. It’s been inactive since 1974, but that doesn’t stop people from coming here just because it has such an interesting history! The last time this building had any activity was back in 1978-79 when restoration work stabilised its condition after years of deterioration brought on by nature itself.

Flagstaff point

What to do at Flagstaff Point Lighthouse (Wollongong Head)

Imagine waking up every morning, climbing out of bed into your favourite coffee mug and going for a stroll down along the breakwater where you see this fabulous lighthouse. You light up its beacon before work starts in order to guide ships safely through treacherous waters or just enjoy looking at how beautiful it is painted white against blue sky with waves crashing below!
The Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse has been inactive since 1974, but that doesn’t mean we should stop preserving our heritage sites as these lighthouses do because they remind us of what once was brilliant while also teaching new generations about navigation.

Lighthouse Point, located on the shores of Port Kembla in Wollongong, is an iconic spot for navigation and provides some beautiful views. You can enjoy your lunch or simply take time out from all that activity by sitting down with friends at one picnic table while watching others go about their days across town!

Wollongong Habour

One local company in Wollongong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Decking Wollongong

Address: 99 Parkes Street, Port Kembla NSW 2505

Telephone: (02) 4263 0673