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Science Space

About Science Space

Science Space is a place for everyone who loves science and technology. We house interactive exhibits, shows & workshops that teach people about the importance of these topics in our everyday lives as well offer Australia’s #1 planetarium to Illawara region! This year alone we also launched an indoor starlight cinema experience – SciFri Cinema.

The Science Centre under the name of “Science Space” and Planetarium first opened in 1989. Located just north of their current location, this attraction was started by Glen Moore with a team who were all volunteers; it quickly became famous for its exhibits on display from Expo 88 as well as Questacon–which made them an even more attractive destination to visit!

Space Centre

What to do at Science Space

Come to Science Space and see the future of science with us! We have a laser projector that will make your jaw drop down on one side. The 4k image is so crystal clear. You can touch points that are billions of miles away just by being here in this room – no travel is required for an adventure like nothing else out there today.

Would you like your children to explore science in an interactive and creative way? We can help with that! Bubbleology is our most popular show for mini scientists. Find out what bubbles are made of, why they’re so stretchy and lazy, and watch us put a brave volunteer inside one big bubble… And more importantly – have fun!! Join us as we explore the wonders of science with liquid nitrogen! Learn how it’s used to create beautiful frozen flowers, explode water balloons and much more. This show will have you captivated from the start-to finish – don’t miss out on our most popular presentation yet!”

We also have high quality portable planetariums available that use full dome projection equipment so you can enjoy visually stunning presentations at home or anywhere else we bring them too – all tailored towards delivering informative hours about space exploration right into children’s hands

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One local company in Wollongong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Decking Wollongong

Address: 99 Parkes Street, Port Kembla NSW 2505

Telephone: (02) 4263 0673