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Wattamolla Beach

About Wattamolla Beach

Wattamolla is a small beach with white sand that you can easily find in the Royal National Park. Wattamolla is a hidden gem on the New South Wales coast, just south of Sydney. This serene beach with crystal clear waters provides visitors an escape from their busy lives for some peace & relaxation time in nature’s beauty!

Wattamolla Beach, located just outside the bustling metropolis that is Sydney, Australia, has become one of its most popular weekend destinations. The serene and beautiful beaches offer visitors a chance to get away from it all while still being close enough for day trips!

Wattamola beach

What to do at Wattamolla Beach

The Wattamolla picnic area is a great spot for family fun. Mainly focusing on the water, visitors can enjoy swimming and fishing while listening to their favourite tunes across Royal National Park, with beautiful views of the coastline as well!

The water in this lagoon is so beautifully calm that it’s a perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling and even kayaking. To get across the other side of town you can either go around via Wattamolla Beach, which faces out towards the open ocean or just go to some lengths with your favourite exonerator! The Wattamolla picnic area is not only large, but it also has a few electric BBQs and several covered tables to sit down at. There’s an open field where everyone can enjoy themselves while they’re there!

The turquoise water of Wattamolla Beach is a rare and beautiful sight. The lagoon that it creates makes this lake different from most others, as its inflow does not match up with outflow; instead, cutting off one side to form an arm like structure that leads straight down into the ocean floor where you can see deep blue sea waters meeting bright golden sand beneath your feet before continuing onto other beaches spread across hundreds more kilometers towards Australia’s coast

Beach- Wattamola

One local company in Wollongong that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Decking Wollongong

Address: 99 Parkes Street, Port Kembla NSW 2505

Telephone: (02) 4263 0673