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Decking Wollongong The Top Choice for Premium Decking

Are you looking to deck out your home with premium timber or composite decking Wollongong? Look no further than Decking Wollongong! They are the region’s leading deck construction and design experts and can help you create a deck that perfectly complements your home. Their team of qualified builders will work with you to design and build a deck that meets your specific needs and requirements and will only use the highest quality materials in their projects. So if you’re looking for the best decking Wollongong has to offer, call them today!

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What is decking, and what are the benefits of using it

Decking refers to the decking boards, posts and other elements which create an outdoor living space. Decking can be constructed from various materials, such as timber decking or composite decking, offering various benefits for homeowners.

The benefits include; improved aesthetics, increased living space and a higher return on investment from home improvements. Decking can also provide an additional decking area for entertaining guests or as a dining area outside.

The different types of decking materials available on the market today

Two primary decking materials are available today – timber decking and composite decking.

Timber decking is a traditional decking material that has been used for many years in Australia. It is a natural product that offers a timeless look, durability, and strength. The decking boards are usually made from Australian hardwood species, such as Spotted Gum, Merbau and Ironbark. With regular maintenance, timber decking can provide a long-lasting decking solution that increases the value of a home.

Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood fibres. It is designed for strength and durability, as well as being low maintenance and environmentally friendly. The decking boards are available in various colours and textures to create a modern deck design.

Decking Wollongong provides deck-building expertise to transform your indoor living space using quality decking materials. Their experienced team of deck experts can help you choose between timber decking or composite decking for your project.

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How to choose the right type of decking for your home

When choosing which deck to go for in your home, consider the following factors to make a more informed decision;

1. Durability: Consider how long you would like the deck to last and the level of ongoing maintenance you are willing to commit to. A deck made from low-quality materials can deteriorate quickly, requiring repairs or frequent replacement.

2. Maintenance: Depending on the deck material, certain types require more maintenance and regular cleaning to keep them looking great. Decking Wollongong deck experts can help you choose the right deck for your lifestyle and needs.

3. Ease of installation: Installing a deck can only be manageable with professional advice and assistance. Decking Wollongong deck experts can provide you with all the support and guidance you need.

4. Cost: Decks cost differently, with the most expensive decking materials being the most durable. Decking Wollongong deck experts can help you choose a cost-effective and long-lasting deck.

5. Safety: Decking adds to the safety of your home by providing a non-slip surface for walking on.

The installation process of decking and who can do it for you

The decking installation process can be complicated, especially if you are doing it in a larger space. With decking Wollongong, experts can take care of the installation process for you. Decking Wollongong deck experts are experienced in deck building and will help make sure your deck is installed correctly and safely.

The installation process involves;

• Taking measurements of the deck area

• Excavation of the deck area and preparing a bed ready for decking

• Installing deck supports, joists and ledger boards.

• Laying down decking boards

• Fastening decking boards together correctly with screws or nails to avoid lifting in substantial winds

• Attaching deck railings, benches or other decking features

• Applying deck and deck railing finishes

• Clean up the deck area and dispose of any debris.

Maintaining your deck so that it looks good for years to come.

Maintenance of your new deck will entail the following;

• Cleaning deck boards regularly with a deck cleaner

• Staining the deck to protect it from weather, insects and rot

• Sealing deck boards and deck screws annually or bi-annually

• Replacing any damaged or decayed deck boards as soon as possible.

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Why choose Decking Wollongong for your deck-building project?

Decking is a great way to improve the look and functionality of your property. If you’re looking for an experienced deck builder in Wollongong, call Decking Wollongong today. They can provide you with a free consultation and estimate so you can see how much value they can add to your home or business.